Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gone Too Long

I can't believe it's been so long since my last post, and I apologize to all of our loyal followers!

Not much new has been happening at Raise The Woof lately, and donations have definitely slowed to a trickle. We continue to check in on our brochures, and folks are picking them up, so we continue to hope that something will come of them.

We did recently get some very good news, though. Rachel received a call from PAWS, letting her know that she is now at the top of the recipient list for Oregon! This means that if the remainder of the funding comes in before the end of the year, Rachel will have her dog sometime next year! If we don't get the funding this year, it could be two years before Rachel has her dog. So, obviously, we are very much hoping that funding comes through, from all sources.

In other news, Rachel has been quite busy with school, and state testing. We know she's passed her Math testing, and we are hopeful that she passes the Writing. She had to write an essay, which was sent off for grading, and we won't have that result for awhile.

The weather here in Western Oregon is finally improving, and we've had some really lovely days recently. I've been making a huge effort to get Rachel outside for walks, and a little bit of outdoor education. We make trips to the local park, which has greenhouses of heritage plants, and we feed squirrels, watch bees, and just soak up some much needed sun. Then it's back home to do more school.

A few weeks ago Brett picked up a couple of small electric scooters that needed repair. He got them working, and listed for resale on Craigslist, but had Rachel go with him for a short test ride. She had the best time...

Thanks again for hanging in there with us, and don't forget to share us with your friends. We have a ways to go on fundraising, and would really love to see Rachel get her dog next year.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Yay! I Was Wrong!

I generally don't like to admit when I've made a mistake, but today I'm very happy to announce that because of an accounting error on my part, our donation thermometer took a big jump today.

It seems that I missed a significant donation right at the beginning of all this, which amounted to over $300! I requested a total from Paws' ledger, and got the info today, so our new improved total is now over $10,600!

In addition, we made a stop at Elmer's Restaurant, where they allowed us to place one of our brochure stands. Thank you, Elmer's on Market in Salem. Your support is truly appreciated.