Wednesday, June 20, 2012

School's Out For Summer!

Happy Summer Solstice, everybody!

I'm always torn about this day; on the one hand I love it because it's the official first day of summer, but on the other I'm a bit sad because it means that the days start getting shorter again. Why can't I just enjoy the first part, and not worry about the rest? ;)

School is finally out, and Rachel did quite well this semester! An 'A' and 4 'Bs'! We are very pleased with her performance. Rachel's anxiety levels are so much lower than they were last year, and that makes it easier for her to concentrate and focus.

Today we'll be packing up her school books, and getting them shipped back to Connections, so they can send out her materials for next year. Just one more year of High School. As hard as some of the last several years has been, it still seems to have just flown by. Our little chick will be ready to fly the coop sooner than we're ready for, I think. Really hoping she gets her dog by the time she graduates, so she can do some training, and be able to safely move on with her life.

I know I haven't written much lately, and for that I apologize (again!). The end of the school year was hectic, and we were enjoying a long seizure-free spell, which I really didn't want to jinx by saying anything about it. Sadly, that came to an end on Sunday, when Rach had a seizure. The rest of the day was fine, but at just after 5 a.m. on Monday, she had another, and then about 30 minutes after having her morning meds, she felt sick and needed to vomit, which caused yet another seizure. Vomiting and seizures really do not go well together, and can be very dangerous. Fortunately, she didn't aspirate, but quite a bit did come out her nose. We had hope that would be it for the day, but at about 5 p.m. there was yet another seizure. Epilepsy really sucks.

Tuesday was much better, but we stayed close to home, just in case, and there were no more problems. We finally determined that the problem might be with an antibiotic that she's been taking for an infection in her eyelids (I know, if it isn't one thing, it's another), so we've spaced out the time between her regular meds and that one, and made sure she has food on her stomach when she takes it. It seems to be working, but we'll be watching for any problems.

So, I think we're all up to date now. Oh! I almost forgot to share that we received a lovely donation from a couple of very special ladies. Shout out to Jen and Carol! We had the distinct pleasure of becoming acquainted with Carol just a few months ago, during a time when she was facing a serious struggle of her own. Sadly, she lost her battle a couple of weeks ago, but she reached out to us in a tangible way, giving her love and support, and never lamenting her own fate. She was brave, loving, funny, talented and optimistic. Her daughter Jen is a lovely reflection of her mother, and we are blessed to call her friend.