Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hoof In Mouth

Oy. It's been brought to my attention that in my last post, I made an unfortunate juxtaposition of statements, regarding donations received, immediately followed by us taking a short trip.

To be clear: Monies donated for Rachel's dog, either directly to Paws, or to our Paypal account, are never, ever used by our family, for anything other than Rachel's dog. We can't access money sent to her Paws account, and any checks or cash given to us directly is almost immediately donated to Paws by us.

Many of you don't know us personally, so don't know what we're really like, but there is no way in the world we would ever do anything to risk Rachel's chances of getting her Seizure Response Dog in a timely manner, and it would just be skeevy to use money donated for the purpose to take a trip to the coast.

I am embarrassed now, and sort of feel guilty for taking that little trip, but it was a special occasion, and we really don't ever spend money on ourselves. I hope this hasn't turned you off completely to our cause. We've been so fortunate to have so many people who support us, and would never intentionally do anything to destroy your faith in our mission.



  1. I *do* know you in person, and I know quite well that donated money goes to the appropriate place. You are not frivolous and should not at all feel guilty about taking a family vacation for a few days.

  2. Through my eyes, you have NOTHING to be embarrassed about and nothing to feel guilty for. It is a good thing to spend time with your family and celebrate each day! Take these little trips now, because when your Service Dog arrives there will be a period of TEAM training between Rachel and the dog and you won't be able to take these little adventures.

    It is wonderful that you are invested in each other--the fact that care so much for Rach and the honesty in your words of the concern and worry you would likely experience if you left on a trip without her--makes it that much more real just how important your mission of getting a Seizure Response Dog for her is!!! xoxo

  3. I'm glad you were able to take a short trip. I know you all really needed a bit of a break and the time away. I think it's very obvious that Rachel is your first priority and every last penny that is donated goes directly towards her dog. I pray that it is clear now to those who misunderstood and donations will continue to come in. Praying for you guys! Carolyn

  4. Thanks so much, everyone. Your support means everything.<3

  5. I read your comments about the donations and the trip.
    I thought nothing of it, but can see where someone else might misconstrued the wording.
    I know you would never use the PAWS money for other things.
    You should not in anyway feel guilty about your family outing!
    Life is trying at times and the small enjoyable things are what make it bearable.