Saturday, February 27, 2016

MiyakoCon and Good Days

Big doings in Rachel-world today! A young woman with whom Rach attended middle school decided that she would start up a new anime convention, and today was the day for the first one. We learned about it just this week, and Rachel got very excited, but wasn't sure if she was up to going. She had a couple of seizures this week, and her confidence in her ability to cope had taken a hit.

Yesterday she announced that she really wanted to go, and was super excited, and she was going to just have me drop her and Stewie at the door. Everything went as planned, we made a stop at the ATM, and we arrived at the venue, enjoying the sight of all the young people outside who were posing for pics in their cosplay outfits and colorful wigs.

Rachel only stayed about an hour before calling to let me know she was ready for pickup, and when I arrived I found her deep in conversation with a young man, and they were exchanging Facebook info. Her cheeks were pink, and she had a huge smile on her face. I almost cried with joy. Rachel has so few days that include opportunities to meet new people, and make special connections that when it does happen it's remarkable.

I asked why she didn't stay longer, since it was obvious she was having such a good time, and she said that it was so busy, and bright, and loud, and she had already spend so much money, that she decided to leave while she was still having fun, and not push herself to the point that she panicked and then ruined the entire memory. That made me a little sad, but also very proud of her for being mature enough to recognize her limits, and know when enough is enough.

This has been a good day. :)

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