Wednesday, February 8, 2012

VNS & Valentines

Rachel and I just returned from Portland, where we spent a not-so-lovely 3 hours at the nuerosurgery clinic. She was measured, weighed, x-rayed, and had a blood draw.

We spoke with a nurse, and the surgeon, got special soap to wash her with the night before surgery, and a page of instructions, so we'd know where to go, and when, and what to (not) eat the night before. The big day is the 14th, Valentine's Day. I'll need to get her a special treat to enjoy for after we get home.

In case you're not familiar with VNS therapy for seizures, here's a link to the Cyberonics page for patients. There are a couple of good videos there to check out, and a list of FAQs. Rachel is having her second unit implanted, as the battery of the first one is just about drained. It's lasted about 6 years, which is good.

We may have to stay overnight, which I can't get excited about, but Rachel is looking forward to it. I don't know how she can like hospitals so much after everything she's been through, but she does. They just make me anxious.

I will try and get a couple of photos to share, but promise there will be no bloody ones.;)


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  1. Sending biggest hugs and prayers today for an easy painless procedure. <3