Friday, December 2, 2011

I've Always Loved Canada

So, I was sitting here, thinking that I needed to update the blog, even just with something brief, when I realized that I hadn't checked Rachel's email in a couple of days. Paws donation notices go to her because she's the client, but she is lousy about checking it.

Anyway, I open it up, and right at the top is a notice from Paws about a new donation. That's always exciting to see, but once again I've been bowled over at the amount donated. More of our extended Canadian family donated $1,000.00 for Rachel's dog. 

*pause to wipe my eyes, seriously*

My hands are trembling, and if Brett walks in from his errands right now, he's going to wonder why I'm sniffling. We have known Deb (Brett's Dad Gil's wife) for about 20 years now, but have never met any of her family. Still, they have been incredibly generous in response to her letting them know about Rachel's dog, and if Canada weren't so far away, I'd be there in person, squeezing the life out of them.:)

That thermometer over there -----> is now over $6100, and isn't that amazing?!


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