Saturday, January 21, 2012

Light Up Your Life, And Rachel's

This is the text of the note my dear friend Cindy posted on Facebook today. Please read it through, click the link to the photos, and contact her via Facebook, if you're interested in ordering the garlands:

Fabulous LIGHTED Garland
$30 each plus $10 for priority shipping by USPS
 100% of proceeds benefit "Raise the WOOF 4 Rachel" 
  • Multiple fabric strips hand-tied on a strand of 100 mini lights.  Extra bulbs included.
  •  Approx. length 20 ft. (contact me if you need to have a precise measurement).  
  • Can be strung end to end if you get multiple items.  
  •  Limited Quantity of Garland and Fabric Colors available at this price.  
  • Contact me if you are interested in a quote for a custom garland.
Link to Lighted Garland photo album & view fabric options currently ready to ship in limited qty.

Ideas for use are only limited by your imagination-
  • Lights are for indoor/outdoor use.  However, we don't suggest leaving outdoors in damp/wet weather. 
  • Looks fabulous if the lights are plugged in and on or left off.
  • Drape or swag it anywhere--across a patio beam, along a fence or stairway,  across the top of the wall, from your ceiling, over your fireplace, in the entryway, in a classroom, at your office, in your home, at a party, at wedding, in your back yard, at a BBQ, or ...
  • You can "install" it using suction cups to hang in large window, or 3m makes a removable hook you can use on the wall (neither are included).  Of course, "however you choose" is an option too!  :)  

♪♪ "You light up my life * You give me hope * 
To carry on * You light up my days * and fill my nights with song" ♫

That's what YOU can do for Rachel.  100% of the proceeds will be donated to "Raise the WOOF 4 Rachel"  A Seizure Response Dog can light up her life and give her hope to carry on--please consider purchasing an item or making a donation to help expedite the process of getting a custom-trained Seizure Response Dog for Rachel.

♫ "It can't be wrong * When it feels so right" ♪♪

LIGHT up your life and Rachel's!  Proceeds benefit "Raise the WOOF 4 Rachel"
Contact me through Facebook (not the Cobb family blog) if you have questions about the Lighted Garland or if you want to order one.  Thanks!  

I'm PAWSitive we can make a difference and help move Rachel towards her $30,000 goal and getting a Seizure Response Dog sooner rather than later!

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