Monday, October 1, 2012

Ants In The Pants

Here we are, on October 1st, and with any luck Rachel will have her dog by the end of the month. We haven't yet received a phone call confirming how things are going with training, or when the dog will actually arrive, and I'm going to be an antsy mess until we do. 

Rachel had 4 seizures over the weekend, and though they weren't really big ones, we still couldn't help but hope that having her dog would somehow help make the process easier for her. We are very much looking forward to Rachel having her furry buddy to cuddle up with when she feels lousy.

Once we get the confirmation phone call, and know that everything is a go, we can begin to plan, and shop, and prepare. We are really looking forward to that, because then it will seem real. Right now, it's still a probability, and not a given.

Thanks for your patience with my lackadaisical blogging style, but there really hasn't been much to share the last few weeks. We're just waiting for word. I will certainly update when I know more.



  1. At this point, I'm anxious for Rachel to have her pup at her side, too. :) I'm sorry for this weekend's seizures.

    I hope your phone is ringing within the next few days, and you can get ready!

  2. Thanks, Mrs. F! Don't worry, as soon as we get that call, everyone will know.:)