Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I Know, I Know...

I am a truly horrible blogger. Dog has been with us since Oct. 19th, and you're just now hearing about it. If you are on Facebook, you've seen some of what's going on around here, but we can't openly share his identity for some time yet, so I'm afraid you'll have to patient awhile longer.

I do have a few photos that don't give away too much, but I'm even nervous about sharing those. I simply don't want to do anything that will mar Rachel's chances of keeping this fantastic resource.

Training has been going well. The first week was sort of rough, while we all got used to Dog, and he got used to us and our schedules. We had to make a change to his sleeping routine, but it's working out well now.

Rachel has been working hard, and learning how to bond with Dog, which is something that is work for her. She's not terribly demonstrative, though we love on her all the time, but she's working on changing that. She's learning to use an authoritative tone, which we call "mom voice", and that does make a difference.

Just today, we took Dog out in public, on a short trip to the county dog licensing office, where he was licensed for 3 years, and they waived the fees because he's a service dog. I wasn't expecting that, so we used part of the money saved to buy Dog a new toy. He was a star when we took him out. He loves his working vest, and is better behaved when wearing it. His heel work is fantastic, he stayed in a down/stay beautifully while we waited, and he made us proud.

Rachel and Dog are napping now, after their big adventure into the world this morning, but I'll leave you with a couple of pics...sorry we can't share his face yet, but we hope it won't be long before the team is certified, and we can show you how gorgeous he is.

Dog loves the view out the front window

Dog looks spiffy in his work vest, and loves to wear it.



  1. Fantastic update! Congratulations! Love hearing not only how well things are beginning, but your honest descriptions of the love, hard work, and commitment involved.

    Wishing Rachel and Dog all the best (and you too, of course) as they continue towards certification, and being a positive, productive team.


    1. Thanks so much! They are learning together, day by day, and there is growth. It's not as fast as Rachel would like, but they will get there.:)

  2. I am so enjoying hearing about this journey that Rachel has embarked upon with Dog. This hard work and effort on both sides will cement their bond and make it work in the long run, and teach her the perseverance she needs to reach other goals in her life... Our children are fighters already due to the many obstacles they've already had to deal with over the years. I believe in her!