Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Big Baja Fresh Day Is Here!-Edited

Today is the day, and we are so excited! Really hoping for a good turn out, so if you're hungry, come by, say hello, and get some really great food, too.

This is what I'm wearing today, so you'll know me when you see me...we'll be there for the lunch hour for sure, and hopefully for the dinner hour, too. Please stop and say hello, so we can thank you for coming out.:)

ETA-We had a fabulous lunch, and were very pleased to see that about 10 flyers got used while we were there, though we didn't see anyone we knew, and nobody approached us. Brett got in a bit of trouble for handing out flyers outside the store. I told him that would happen, but he's so motivated to get the fundraising moving, I can't be annoyed with him. We took a couple of stacks of them to local businesses, and then went home.

Unfortunately, we did not go back at the dinner hour. I've been fighting what feels like a cold for a couple of days now, and my RA doesn't like it, and Rachel had some school work that she really needed to concentrate on. We decided to stay home instead. 

If you are one of the folks who came out to support Rachel, we can't thank you enough, and we're sorry that we missed you. Baja Fresh is a busy, loud place on weekends, and Rachel doesn't always do well with that. As soon as I know what our tally is, I will post it here. Thanks again!


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