Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Big Donation Day!

Rachel and I had some errands to run today, so we took a side trip to Everything Pawsible so we could check on our canister there. We got to say hello to Melody, talk baby talk with the daycare doggies, and ogle the merchandise we hope to buy for Rachel's future dog. We also were pleased to net another $6 out of the canister. Melody says she's not tired of it being there yet, so it stays.:)

By the time we returned home the mail had come, and in it was an envelope from PAWS! Two more donation letters, this time from a couple of my cousins, and their donations totaled $200! My cousin Niki challenged the family to meet her incredibly generous $100 donation, and cousin Lori did it. I can't thank them enough for this gift.<3

So, we have broken the $2500 mark in a big way, and I don't yet know what the Baja Fresh day brought in, but hope to very soon. You can count on me to be putting it up here ASAP.


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