Monday, October 31, 2011

Big News!

In today's mail was the copy of a letter, sent to my California Mom, acknowledging her incredible donation of $1,000.00!! This is huge, and we are so grateful.:)

So far, we have earned, or had donated, over 10% of the needed monies, and if we include the grant from CHF, we've got about 20%. Seems like a long way to go yet, but we know we'll get there.

Rachel did end up having 2 more seizures since my last update, but they were smaller than most, and this month's 5 is a lot less than the 11 in September. We continue to hope someday she won't have to worry about them anymore, but in the meantime we look forward to Rachel having her Paws companion to help keep her safe.

Please continue sending good thoughts, prayers and positive energy our way. Every day I hope to get some news from Paws about Rachel's dog.


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