Thursday, August 18, 2011

Garage Sale Eve

Good morning, friends and family!

I'm up way too early again, but it's the day before the big sale, and my mind won't let me sleep, so I might as well get busy.

Rachel has an appt. with her neurologist today, up at Doernbecher. It's a regular, 3 month check-in, where we discuss how meds are working, and whether there have been any changes. Our neurologist was a motivating factor in getting us to apply for an Assistance Dog for Rachel, so she'll be interested in knowing that Rachel was finally accepted.

Then it's back home, where we'll be in full-on sale prep mode. It's a good thing I'll have help today, as there's a lot of stuff to be handled, and organized.

So, that's as exciting as it gets here today.:)


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