Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Garage Sale Prep

Just a quick little entry today, as we continue to prepare for the garage sale this weekend, in addition to all the regular stuff we have going on in our life.

I'm still packaging and shipping jam, and should be getting the cosmetic/stuff bags in the mail today from Cindy. I also hope to hear from the printer that the art cards will be ready soon.

Rachel and I made a trip out yesterday, and picked up a few things to help with garage sale promotion and decoration, so that will keep her busy tomorrow, while Brett, Lisa (dear friend), and I get everything organized for Friday's big start.

If you notice that things don't look the same each time you come here for awhile, that's because I'm making little changes here and there that I hope will improve clarity of our goals and make the blog easier to read. Today I'm fighting with the Direct Donation instructions box a little bit, and trying to figure out why there's a white box around a couple of elements.:/