Monday, August 22, 2011

Thermometer Tampering

There's something that you should know about me: I am a wibbler. I will sometimes make a decision, and then think better of it, and change my mind how about how to go about things. 

In this case, it's about the little fundraising thermometer on this page. In the beginning, I opted to include in our funds raised the $2500 grant from The Chelsea Hutchison Foundation. We're still getting the grant, but the way it works is that they give the final $2500 needed toward a dog, so technically we don't have it yet, and I don't feel right including it, and giving a false impression of where we are right now.

What I intend to do instead is to update each time I personally make a deposit of funds to Rachel's account, or I receive word from PAWS that someone else has. I don't know what their schedule is for generating that information, but I promise to update as soon as I know.

So, that explains why that thermometer is looking much 'colder' than it was yesterday. Today I made deposits totaling $1218.88! A full $850 of that was from the yard sale alone, with the rest coming from jam sales, and cash donations. I know for a fact that other donations have been made, but I don't have an official declaration from PAWS, so can't guess what the total is.


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